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Landscape Storymovers® is a project of Teatro degli Acerbi.


From an idea of Fabio Fassio…

Fabio is the artistic director and has the role of coordinating the theatrical work, training the Storymovers, and deals with artistic composition of the storytelling.

… and Elena Romano

The reference point for the project She takes care of planning and administration.

Elena supports Fabio in the coordination and artistic training.


Ileana Ricci – communication designer

She is responsible for the design development, together with Fabio and Elena, of the visual identity and communication of the whole project.

Mauro Carbone – tourism development project manager

Former Director Atl LMR, he is an expert in the Langhe-Roero district. He is involved in territorial development and the promotion of gastronomic specialities, in particular Destination Management. He is our tourism development consultant.

Gianmarco Cavagnino – architect

Creator of the Storymoving® concept


Chiara Scoffone – organisational secretary

Regional nature guide, trainer for children and young people, environmental educator, trained in cul-tural heritage, she helps Elena with the administration and organisation of the project.


Alessia Porani – technical director in tourism

Technical director of a travel agency tour package promoter and company tutor of junior staff in tourism, she helps us develop the tou-rism aspect and train our Storymovers.

Erika Muscarella – content strategist & social media manager

She works alongside Ileana in the project’s communication, dealing in particular with social media and advertising campaigns


Federica Prete

Patrizia Camatel

Federico Gheduzzi

Andrea Caldi

Gianmarco Canalella

Martina Bonini


The project is made possible thanks to the precious support of Fondazione Compagnia San Paolo

and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Asti