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SATURDAY, MAY 6, 2023 – 3 p.m.

presso la Cesare Pavese Foundation Meeting Room – Santo Stefano Belbo



Moderated by Mauro Carbone and Fabio Fassio.

Experts in culture, tourism and food and wine will dialogue on the theme of the relationship between travel and emotions by exploring the ways of hospitality making by creating “appeasement” in tourists.

🏅 Next, the first edition of the LANDSCAPE STORYMOVERS PRIZE to Landscape Narrators will be held: this year, the prize will be symbolically awarded to Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese through the #centrostudifenoglio and the @fondazionecesarepavese.

Not just any award, but a sculpture carved by Quaranti village craftsman and Landscape Witness Renato Cavallero.

A full program of the event will be forthcoming: in the meantime, SAVE THE DATE!

At the Teatro Balbo in Canelli, on 25 March there will be a day entirely dedicated to the culture of the landscape, which will begin with an actual conference, continue with a rich round table discussion, and will end with a theatrical performance starring storymovers® and actors.

There will be several speakers and guests from different realities: the academic and cultural world, theatre, institutions, tourism promoters and organisers, consortia for the protection of the marvellous oenological heritage of these lands.

  • • booking recommended
  • • compulsory reinforced greenpass and face mask

Below is the detailed programme.

CONFERENCE: from 9,30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


  • • Piercarlo Grimaldi (anthropologist, former Rector at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo)
  • • Davide Porporato (anthropologist, professor at the University of Eastern Piedmont)
  • • Gianpaolo Fassino (anthropologist, professor at the University of Eastern Piedmont)
  • Ambrogio Artoni (antropologo – ex professore dell’Università di Torino)
  • Claudio Bernardi –
  • • André Caréninì (anthropologist, Centre d’éthnologie des Alpes Meridionales, Francia)
  • • Ignazio Buttitta (anthropologist University of Palermo)
  • • Fulvio Romano (anthropologist, University of Novara)
  • • Gabriele Vacis (Theatre and film director and playwright)
  • • Prof.ssa Laura Bonato (anthropologist, University of Turin)

TAVOLA ROTONDA: dalle 15,30 alle 17,30 moderatore: Fabio Fassio – Teatro degli Acerbi


1: “Landscape representation”

  • Dott. Roberto Cerrato (Ass. Paesaggi vitivinicoli Unesco)

  • Prof.ssa Laurana Lajolo (Davide Lajolo Foundation)

  • Prof. Marco De Vecchi (University of Turin – Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences)

  • Dott. Salvatore Leto

    2:“Tourism on the hills: a sustainable heritage”

  • Dott. Mauro Carbone (Director of Ente Turismo Langhe Monferrato e Roero)

  • Prof. Enrico Ercole (sociologist, University of Eastern Piedmont)

  • Prof. Francesco Scalfari (director of Uni Astiss)

  • Dott. Massimo Carcione (President of Faro Astesana heritage community)

  • Dott. Beppe Giordano (Ass. Strada del Vino Astesana)

    3: “Wine and happiness: a long and beautiful story”

  • Consorzio Barbera d’Asti DOCG

  • Consorzio Altalanga DOCG

  • Consorzio Asti DOCG

SERATA TEATRALE -MUSICALE: “Memorie in scena” alle ore 21.

With actors and storymovers from Teatro degli Acerbi and musical ramblings by Simona Colonna, Ricky Avataneo and Mauro Carrero.

Evening presentation of the project LANDSCAPE STORYMOVERS – STORYTELLING AND ENHANCEMENT PLAN FOR THE ASTIGIANO WINE-GROWING LANDSCAPE OF THE LANGHE MONFERRATO AND ROERO UNESCO HERITAGE SITE winner of the Bando In Luce of the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. Screening of an excerpt of the video interviews with the “Landscape Witnesses”, the first action of the project, texts and music from the show “Trilogia degli Spaesati – racconti epici di gente semplici” (Trilogy of the Lost people – epic tales of simple people that will be staged by Teatro degli Acerbi in our area in summer 2022.

Admission is free for the whole day, in compliance with anti-covid regulations: following D.L.221/2021, access to the theatre will be allowed only to persons wearing a Reinforced Green Pass and an FFP2 mask.



The conference “Feast at the table. The theatres of the earth: heritages of nature and humanity” in memory of the director and playwright Luciano Nattino wants to address a crucial turning point in the postmodern society of today. The land, the peasant condition, the countryside are undergoing an important moment of transfor-mation. Tradition is losing the last actors who have been interpreting the theatre of life, the circle of time, the collective memory of the community, the gesture and the word, the orality transmitted from generation to generation, from father to son, from grandfather to grandson. This is a moment of cultural, social and economic change that also seems to call into question the very process of human evolution.

It is a compulsory memory game to collect, preserve and narrate the future that is written in the past. Human theatres that interpret the year’s and life’s circular stage must, in a Pavesian way, re-become land and country by re-bringing to the table the feast, the time of eternal return, of exceptionality and everyday life. Rhythms consisting of memories, rituals, festivals, and foods that have marked a story that goes beyond history, an interwoven mythology in which one can read both an awareness for nature and refined humanity.

The hills of southern Piedmont overlooking the sea are an interesting cultural workshop where traditional celebrations and food still survive, reinvent themselves, and become remoulded in a harmonious and daring process of renewed little homelands in a post-modern world. A landscape of tangible and intangible construction/deconstruction of great beauty. It is also a horizon of longed-for happiness for those who want to come, discover and experience it, and for those who cherish and care for ecodiversity and ethnodiversity. A heritage of intangible values useful to grasp and interpret future trends in order to outline new gui-delines that are essential to face the climate change that is threatening the world and the very survi-val of humanity.


Landscape: “emotion in the landscape designed by winemakers” – speech by the Asti DOCG Consortium, main sponsor of the project.

Narration: “storytelling as a tool for conveying emotions and building depth”-speech by Matteo Negrin, general director of the “Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation.

Literature: “literary landscapes between myth and reality” – talk by Pierluigi Vaccaneo – director of Cesare Pavese Foundation.

Travel: “the attractiveness of our area to foreigners”-speech by Marie Steenstrup, certified tour guide of Piedmont and co-founder of the Piedmont Heritage Association.

Taste: “the aromas of the table, the most emotional aspect of gastronomy!” – speech by Luca Ferrua – director Gedi group

Discovery: “the excitement of discovering a territory through unusual routes”- speech by Edoardo Vallarino Gancia – TrEno project by LMR Events

A video talk by cultural planner Paolo Verri(Matera Capital of Culture 2019) will conclude the in-depth discussion.

This will be followed by the First edition of the Landscape Storymovers Award to Landscape Storytellers.: this year, the prize will be symbolically awarded to. Beppe Fenoglio and to Cesare Pavese through the Beppe Fenoglio Study Center and the Cesare Pavese Foundation, and will consist of a sculpture hand-carved by Quaranti farmer artist and Landscape Witness Renato Cavallero.

The roundtable is conducted with technical advice from Mauro Carbone.